We’ve designed a number of Marketing Tools within your Web Hosting Control Panel to enable you to effectively market your websites online. XLPages’s sitemap generator can help you get a complete sitemap of your website. On top of that, you’re able to post that sitemap to the search engines to list your web site. The RSS News software will allow you to create new content on your index page so you could get far better possibilities to rise high in search results. Moreover, we have incorporated a GeoIP re–direction instrument that will assist you to target your customers far more accurately according to their particular location.

A Sitemap Generator

For effective search engine crawling

A sitemap is known as a list of all pages within a website that may be used by spiders and users. You can use a sitemap to tell search engines exactly which web pages within your site you wish to be indexed. Also, a sitemap could help your web visitors find their way within your site. You’d normally use a 3rd party sitemap application to getting a sitemap for your web site. However, here, you’ll get a sitemap application readily placed in your XLPages Web Hosting Control Panel.

In the Advanced Resources section, click Sitemap Generator and after selecting the data format of your sitemap, click on the Crawl key. The sitemap of your website will be generated within a few minutes and you will be able to submit it to the search engines.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Hassle–free location–focused redirection

We provide you with a simple and easy application, which will help you filter the customers to your site based upon their country. For instance, using the GeoIP redirection instrument, you can easily send all the traffic from Spain towards the Spanish variant of your website if you’ve got such. This can help you focus on your visitors far more accurately and provide them with the on–site experience they expect.

No specific capabilities or tech know–how are necessary to work with the GeoIP redirection instrument, and you no longer need to use .htaccess files to do the job.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Show the most current publications within your site

What’s RSS? RSS can be described as a technology for distributing and collecting site content. It’s being commonly used by information sites, individual blogging sites, newscasts, and so on. The presented content is readily picked up by a feed aggregator and afterwards made available to the user. Working with RSS, clients can easily acquire news from various websites and read them in one area.

Using our RSS News tool, you can easily include media feeds from some of the world’s most favored information channels and display them on you web site.

RSS News